Laser Cleaning Removes Rubber Residue .wmv

Laser Cleaning – High Power Handheld … Cleaning with Light! No Chemical, No Abrasives, No Clean-up! Green Technology for Industrial Cleaning, Coating Removal & Surface Preparation. More at

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1000 Watt Laser Cleaning Historic Stone .wmv

Thanks to this amazing new technology cleaning artwork is now faster, cleaner and environmentally greener without all the solvents and toxic chemicals the lab technicians don’t have to work with.


Here a 1000 Watt portable hand-held laser is used to safely clean and remove decades of pollution/soot from historic natural stone at a rate of less than1.5 min. per square foot. Laser cleaned stone retains a natural appearance unlike the results produced by sandblasting, water-blasting or chemical cleaning methods. The laser process is GREEN – totally dry, leaves no residue and there’s nothing to clean-up. Intended for industrial use by trained professionals only. Other applications include paint removal, rust removal, precise cleaning/surface prep and many more.

The Whale Bone Blog: Laser Cleaning


Laser cleaning is becoming increasingly popular in conservation, particularly when dirt needs to be cleaned from very delicate surfaces such as textiles and paintings. The most commonly used laser cleaning systems in

Laser cleaners are becoming widely used in many industries, especially aircraft paint removing, The art restoration laboratories are using cleaning lasers more and more.

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Laser Cleaning of a Marble Bust

John Larson seen cleaning a marble bust using a Lynton Lasers Phoenix Conservation laser system
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High speed shot of the laser cleaning / ablation process.
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laser cleaning at Trogir

The Smart Clean Nd:Yag laser being used to clean the interior of a church at Trogir, Croatia

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Laser Mold Cleaning

Mobile automated in-press laser based tire mold cleaning system. See

STMCS laser system by 4JET for cleaning passenger car, light truck and truck/bus molds – abrasionfree and precise.

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Analysis of non-metallic mineral stone surface treatment and conservation techniques – stone, maintenance, cleaning – building materials industry

Stone materials common cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning, chemical | cleaning method and so on. With the high-grade Stone The accuracy of the cleaning have become increasingly demanding, and human environmental awareness, laser cleaning technology as a new cleaning method being the recognition and development. Laser cleaning technology mainly to high-speed laser beam effectively remove the object surface to be cleaned attachments, it is saving time, effort, water, and security safe, reliable, wide application, easy to control. Especially for Stone carving , Stone, all kinds of corner stone surfaces such as fine structure, and the age-old stone artifacts and other high Stone Cleaning, laser cleaning technology is that many traditional cleaning process can not match. Therefore, we can say that laser cleaning is a big step forward in cleaning technology, promote the use of laser cleaning technology will make the stone even more powerful cleaning industry. From the surface; Third, dirt molecules will evaporate in an instant, gasification or decomposition. Laser cleaning technology is the use of laser pulses of vibration, thermal expansion and molecular particles of light decomposition or phase transition of three roles or their associated Cooperation Used to overcome the surface of dirt and material between the substrate binding force from the surface to achieve the goal of cleaning.

Be cleaned according to the matrix material and the optical properties of dirt, the laser cleaning mechanism can be divided into two categories: one is the use of substrate material and surface adhesion of dirt to a wavelength of laser energy absorption coefficient of the difference so that laser energy is fully absorbed by the dirt attached to thermal expansion or vaporization of volatile, and was formed by vaporization from the steam flow driven matrix material to achieve the goal of cleaning. The requirement is that the matrix material on laser energy absorption coefficient is smaller, so that the matrix material

Dirt and stone surface from the binding force as physical force and the weak chemical interactions. Weak chemical interactions including the formation of hydrogen bonds and charge transfer bond energy and other physical forces, including van der Waals force (including electrostatic, induction and dispersion) and the capillary force and so on. More difficult than other surface materials, stone cleaning is due to the existence of a large number of natural stone micro-pores, micro-pore capillary force not only dirt and a variety of bonding between stone has been enhanced, while its role to the package kind of hard to clean the external forces play a role.

Laser is a very good color and direction of light radiation. Combination focused laser beam through the mirror, the beam focused to a small area or region. Laser beam can produce at least three effects: first, in the solid surface of the mechanical resonance of the surface was cracked off or coagulation; Second, will the surface layer by the expansion of dirt Ke matrix material to overcome the adhesive force of the dirt particles but they are not to be injured, so the key to achieving safe and efficient cleaning is to choose the appropriate laser wavelength and to control moderate energy density. The other is the substrate material and surface fixtures on the laser beam’s absorption coefficient not very different, or surface heating fixtures will produce toxic substances, etc. are usually used for cleaning frequency and high power pulsed laser shock was washed surface, so that part of the beam into sound waves, sound waves in shock after the return to the middle and lower hard surface, part of its return to the person with the laser-produced radio wave interference occurs, resulting in high-energy resonance wave, so that small changes in burst scale layer, resulting in crushing, easy to material from the substrate surface.

Dirt for cleaning stone surfaces are often combined use of these mechanisms. Normally be processed according to the situation of stone and dirt section of the laser beam pulse frequency (from 0.5 to 30 pulses per second) and amplitude (8 to 25ns), so that dirt material absorbing the light energy. Repeated laser frequency can impact the role of porous stone surfaces and loose dirt Ke gap stands, when the laser’s impact is greater than the matrix strength on the adsorption of dirt particles, the dirt particles from the substrate to be cleaned purpose. When the laser photon energy is greater than (adhesion layer) dirt molecular bond energy, the laser photolysis, have to play the role of light peeling effect, such as KrF excimer laser photon energy 5eV, greater than the organic dirt O? O, H? H, O? H, C? C, C? H and N? H chemical bond such as bond energy, the laser can damage the part of the chemical bond, decomposition of organic matter, which can be cleaned of organic oil. When the laser beam energy density further increases, a number of inorganic dirt. As with K, Na salt and the light from the decomposition of organic dirt could be produced by inorganic expansion of laser heating to produce hot strip

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This is a try to solve the problem of E-8302 on a Pioneer CDJ-100s. As far as i understood this error appears when the player can’t read the disc. The ejecting i guess is a even worther case, where it even doesn’t recognize there is a disc inserted, even if there is one inserted. These are all speculations. If somebody knows better please let me know. After cleaning the lens with the cleaning disc, that problems seam to be away. I’ll watch the further behavior of this player and will update again if it didn’t fix it. btw. : visit my homepage on :

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Laser Cleaning of Bronze Eagle in Oak Park, IL. (By CSOS Inc.)

The Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio (CSOS) is the first company in the USA to utilize environmentally safe “Green” laser technology for large scale art restoration projects. This video shows laser cleaning of a bronze eagle on the North plaque of the WWI Memorial in Scoville Park, located in Oak Park, IL. This is a precisely calibrated laser being used by an experienced and trained CSOS laser technician. The Scoville Park WWI Memorial restoration project involves laser cleaning bronze elements, stone cleaning, stone repairs, foundation reconstruction, and overall stabilization of the monument. This project started in 2009 and will conclude in 2010. From architectural structures and monuments, to small artifacts, CSOS specializes in using the most advanced techniques in art restoration and conservation to ensure that works of art withstand the tests of time. We have restored works of Art from around the world for over 20 years. To learn more or to contact us, please visit our site: © 2010 CSOS Inc. All rights reserved.

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CIProcess Launches World’s First ?Backpack? Laser Cleaning System

(PRWEB) October 28, 2005

CIProcess Ltd, the UK-based, innovative Cleaning and Process Systems company, launches the revolutionary ‘Backpack’ Cleaning Laser system, manufactured by Clean Laser Systems in Herzogenrath (close to Aachen) , Germany.

The ultra compact unit is the first real fully mobile cleaning laser unit in the world. Available in mains versions or rechargeable battery powered, the laser unit consists of an air cooled “state of the art” diode pumped laser with an excellent laser beam quality and an ultra small focus.

Developed in response to a growing demand for a low cost, portable cleaning laser, the innovative laser cleaning system combines power and versatility, with the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods. It offers a safe cleaning method and is environmentally friendly, using no water or chemicals and producing no effluent, as well as being small, light and fully portable.

The ‘Backpack’ laser is suitable for industrial cleaning and surface treatment, renovation and paint removal applications, as well as removing contaminants, production residue and coatings without damaging the substrate. The laser is also ideal for restoration and conservation, including façade restoration, architectural and sculpture conservation and monument and artifact cleaning.

Operating costs are low compared to other cleaning methods with extremely low running costs (circa € 0.3 Euro per hour).

With great interest from leading companies and governments throughout the world, the ‘Backpack’ lasers are available in portable or stationary versions, and special designs are also available.

Dave Adams, the technical director of CIProcess, reports “The ‘Backpack’ laser is the most exciting development in cleaning lasers for many years. We believe that we have made a great advance in laser cleaning technology, making it more accessible due to the low price of the units and the portability.”

The lasers direct a high precision programmable scanning beam onto the cleaning surface, which reflects laser energy. Any contaminants on the surface absorb the laser energy and are quickly vaporized, with any fumes or particulates removed by an in-built filter. This gentle cleaning method avoids the erosion and abrasion that normally occurs with most other cleaning methods.

A new addition, the ‘Backpack’ lasers compliment the established range of laser cleaning systems, which are used in conservation, restoration, automobile, aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, bakery, food and electronics and many other fields.

The new lasers are coming to the UK in November to carry out demonstrations around the country. With demonstrations in some major Universities and industrial facilities, we invite any interested parties to contact us to arrange bookings. We expect and influx of new applications and clients are invited to discuss their applications and submit their products and processes for testing in Cleanlaser’s laboratories.

Cleanlaser systems are part of CIProcess’s extensive range of innovative cleaning and processing equipment including ozone systems, Cleaning-In-Place systems, innovative blast cleaning systems and stainless steel tanks and vessels.

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